Sponsoring Fikirini K.


Thank you for sponsoring: fikiriniFikirini K.
-a male
-about 16 years old
-lives in Mtwapa, Kenya
-attends Class 8 at Jambo Jipya
-great smile
-extremely kind and caring
Fikirini’s father is no longer around and his mother has passed away. He now lives with
his grandmother along with his older sister. Since Fikirini’s grandmother is extremely
poor, she can barely feed the two children. As a result Jambo Jipya Academy provides
Fikirini and his sister with two meals a day, clothing, healthcare, and an education. They
walk over an hour to get to school every day. Fikirini enjoys school and puts forth
genuine effort in all his classes. Unfortunately he did not attend school on a regular basis
when he was younger so Fikirini had a lot of catching up to do. But he is very
determined and possesses a wonderful work ethic. Thanks to Jambo Jipya and donors
like you, Fikirini has a future and a reason to continue smiling.
*Please check out www.reason2smile.org for more information.
Please consider picking up the sponsorship for the very dynamic and personable young
man. $25 a month – $300 for the year
Email me dearosenblum@gmail.com if you are interested