Regional School Talent Competition


On Saturday July 23, the Jambo Jipya primary school competed in a day long cultural competition with seven other local schools. About thirty Jambo Jipya students competed in categories such as traditional dance, modeling, solo verses, coral verses, modern dance, choir music, journalism, question and answer session as well as field events like tug of war, balloon races, relay and sack races. It was a wonderful to not only watch the students perform but to experience the other students routing and cheering on their fellow classmates. I was so caught up at points that I found myself screaming for Jambo Jipya alongside the teachers and students. This was the first time Jambo Jipya competed in this type of event and I am happy to report that we placed second of the eight schools. While the students were satisfied with their performance, they are determined to work hard and take first place next year.