Mr. Wilson


Mr. Wilson is the teacher in charge at the Jambo Jipya primary school (preK-grade8). He is a dedicated individual who motivates his fellow teachers by example. His leadership abilities strengthen the educational program at Jambo Jipya fostering student achievement.

Mr. Wilson has been working at the school for quite a while and has been instrumental is the creation of extracurricular programing at Jambo Jipya. He believes that learning occurs inside and outside of the classroom and supports a well-rounded educational experience for students.  Reason2Smile is very happy to report that Jambo Jipya has many extracurricular programs for the students to choose from. Sports clubs meet on Mondays and Fridays while academic clubs meet on  Tuesday and Thursdays. All clubs meet at the end of the day and on Wednesday morning there is school assembly where students report back on their activities and accomplishments.

Here is a sampling of some of the clubs at the Jambo Jipya school:

Wildlife/environmental Club

Journalism Club

Math Club

Chapel/Religion Club

Drama/Speech Club

Music/Singing Club

Debate Club

Peace Club

Soccer Club

Recreational Games Club