Mourine W is a former Jambo Jipya student who received top scores on the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education Exam. This gained her admission to the Bahari Girls Secondary school in Kilifi County, Kenya. Bahari Girls Secondary School is a nationally recognized girls boarding school by the Kenyan government and has a total enrollment of 363 students and 20 teaching staff members. Mourine began attending Bahari in 2013 thanks to Reason2Smile and the support of a US sponsor. Mourine is now in Form 4 (12th grade) and will be graduating at the end of November after taking rigorous Form 4 examinations. In December, Mourine will begin the application process to University. After the results ofher examinations are released in February, the decision about where to attend university will begin.

Mourine has had a difficult past but has worked hard to get to this point in her life. She has enjoyed her time at Bahari Girls school and has taken advantage of many educational and extracurricular clubs. She plays offence on the girls’ football (soccer) team as well as being a member of the drama club, debate club and the community volunteer club. Her favorite subjects have been in the science and business fields; particularly engineering, medicine and accounting. Mourine is a lovely young lady who hopes to pursue careers in one
of these fields at the university level.
In our spring newsletter we will revisit Mourine’s post-secondary opportunities and will most likely be looking for university sponsorship. Because of Jambo Jipya, Reason2Smile and her sponsors, Mourine has been able to excel and continue her education into the future.