Wall Repair Project

20b41179-4fe8-4a39-8743-d48dbdf2524cDuring this past year The Kenya government paved some the main side roads in the town of Mtwapa. One of these was the road that the Jambo Jipya school is on. While this is a much-needed improvement, there is no proper drainage, run off or sewer system in place. The elevated cement road has caused a huge pool of water to exist against the side wall of the school when a major rain occurs. This has caused structural damage to the school and needs to be addressed. We have had contractors discuss options and need to rebuild the wall and the foundation and provide a run off option along with a small retaining wall to protect the school. The estimated cost of the project is around $5000.00. Construction is already underway and we need your support! Reason2Smile will hold a “Buy a Brick” fundraiser campaign. We need at least 50 donors to contribute 100 dollars each to pay for a real brick that will be part of our new wall. Please click here to contribute.

Jambo Jipya gets a paint job

22f9a63e-dcf9-4cdf-a937-5a5f6b101defOne of the projects this past month was to paint the classrooms and hallways at Jambo Jipya. This was a much needed endeavor, as the school was showing some wear and tear. The project was spear headed by Fisher Pamba, along with his team of the older boys from the Jambo Jipya children’s home. Fisher and I bought all the supplies while I was there and the boys supplied the muscle power. We feel this will become an annual event every August.