The Jambo Jipya Children’s home has moved

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During the fall the Jambo Jipya children’s home moved to a new location. The former home
was being neglected by the landlord although numerous complaints were made. Then the
landlord opened a late night café/store in front of the home and infringed on the home’s
property. This situation was not safe, secure or in the orphan children’s best interests. A new
larger home was found in a much quieter area of town and after some repair work was
completed the children moved in. This new environment is much better suited for the
children and they are extremely happy here. When I visit in April I will also be staying at the
new home and will make a full report then.
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Shopping with Amazon Smile all year long

In December Reason2Smile registered with Amazon Smile which donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Please support Reason2Smile by using the link every time you shop on Amazon. The link does not appear on the regular Amazon page. Update your favorites and then Reason2Smile benefits all year long. Unfortunately it does not work with the Amazon app. – only with the link.
Thanks and please share this information with all your friends, colleagues and family.
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Update on Giving Tuesday Capital Improvement Projects

The Jambo Jipya School is getting an update of bathrooms, wall repair and new desks. The bathroom
construction began during the month of December while the school was closed for holiday recess. The
new metal desks have also been constructed during this -me and most are in classrooms for the start
of 2017 school year. The wall repair and paint job will occur during the April holiday recess. This way
no work is occurring while the student are in class and there is no distraction or disruption to their
studies. Above are some pictures of the projects thus far and of course more will be forthcoming.

World Music Festival 2017

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The 5th Annual World Music Festival benefiting Reason2Smile will be held at The Lake Placid
Center for the Arts in Lake Placid, NY on Saturday March 4, 2017 The festival is a celebration of multiple and diverse forms of art and music in order to immerse the rural community of northern NY in the culture of various groups and cultures. The 5th
annual festival is in collaboration with the Adirondack Diversity Advisory Council. There will be pre-festival events hosted by the Lake Placid Brew Pub and Delta Blue throughout the afternoon and evening of Friday March 3rd. Workshops for all ages will be offered throughout Saturday ending in an evening showcase performance on Saturday night. Local and regional artists and performers will be volunteering their time and talents to provide a multicultural event.
For up to date information about the World Music Festival please visit:
Lake Placid Center for the Arts: