Mr. Wilson


Mr. Wilson is the teacher in charge at the Jambo Jipya primary school (preK-grade8). He is a dedicated individual who motivates his fellow teachers by example. His leadership abilities strengthen the educational program at Jambo Jipya fostering student achievement.

Mr. Wilson has been working at the school for quite a while and has been instrumental is the creation of extracurricular programing at Jambo Jipya. He believes that learning occurs inside and outside of the classroom and supports a well-rounded educational experience for students.  Reason2Smile is very happy to report that Jambo Jipya has many extracurricular programs for the students to choose from. Sports clubs meet on Mondays and Fridays while academic clubs meet on  Tuesday and Thursdays. All clubs meet at the end of the day and on Wednesday morning there is school assembly where students report back on their activities and accomplishments.

Here is a sampling of some of the clubs at the Jambo Jipya school:

Wildlife/environmental Club

Journalism Club

Math Club

Chapel/Religion Club

Drama/Speech Club

Music/Singing Club

Debate Club

Peace Club

Soccer Club

Recreational Games Club



Mourine W is a former Jambo Jipya student who received top scores on the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education Exam. This gained her admission to the Bahari Girls Secondary school in Kilifi County, Kenya. Bahari Girls Secondary School is a nationally recognized girls boarding school by the Kenyan government and has a total enrollment of 363 students and 20 teaching staff members. Mourine began attending Bahari in 2013 thanks to Reason2Smile and the support of a US sponsor. Mourine is now in Form 4 (12th grade) and will be graduating at the end of November after taking rigorous Form 4 examinations. In December, Mourine will begin the application process to University. After the results ofher examinations are released in February, the decision about where to attend university will begin.

Mourine has had a difficult past but has worked hard to get to this point in her life. She has enjoyed her time at Bahari Girls school and has taken advantage of many educational and extracurricular clubs. She plays offence on the girls’ football (soccer) team as well as being a member of the drama club, debate club and the community volunteer club. Her favorite subjects have been in the science and business fields; particularly engineering, medicine and accounting. Mourine is a lovely young lady who hopes to pursue careers in one
of these fields at the university level.
In our spring newsletter we will revisit Mourine’s post-secondary opportunities and will most likely be looking for university sponsorship. Because of Jambo Jipya, Reason2Smile and her sponsors, Mourine has been able to excel and continue her education into the future.

Sponsoring Fikirini K.


Thank you for sponsoring: fikiriniFikirini K.
-a male
-about 16 years old
-lives in Mtwapa, Kenya
-attends Class 8 at Jambo Jipya
-great smile
-extremely kind and caring
Fikirini’s father is no longer around and his mother has passed away. He now lives with
his grandmother along with his older sister. Since Fikirini’s grandmother is extremely
poor, she can barely feed the two children. As a result Jambo Jipya Academy provides
Fikirini and his sister with two meals a day, clothing, healthcare, and an education. They
walk over an hour to get to school every day. Fikirini enjoys school and puts forth
genuine effort in all his classes. Unfortunately he did not attend school on a regular basis
when he was younger so Fikirini had a lot of catching up to do. But he is very
determined and possesses a wonderful work ethic. Thanks to Jambo Jipya and donors
like you, Fikirini has a future and a reason to continue smiling.
*Please check out for more information.
Please consider picking up the sponsorship for the very dynamic and personable young
man. $25 a month – $300 for the year
Email me if you are interested

Giving Tuesday Campaign 2016

givingtuesday-1What is Giving Tuesday? For the purposes of activism #GivingTuesday refers the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It is a movement to create an international day of giving at the beginning of the holiday season and a response to the commercialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This will be Reason2Smile’s third year participating in the #Giving Tuesday campaign which falls on November 29th 2016.

This year Reason2Smile would like to raise a minimum of 5,000 dollars and if we meet this goal we will have an additional matching donation of 5,000 from a very generous sponsor.

Reason2Smile is using the money for specific capital improvement projects at the Jambo Jipya School. We have three projects that the money will be allocated for:

New bathrooms = $2,000

Perimeter wall repair with paint job = $1,000

45 New metal desks and chairs = $2,025


Reason2Smile will be asking for donations of different pledge amounts corresponding to different pledge levels.

Bronze Level = $25 – $150

Silver Level = $151 – $350

Gold Level = $351 – $600

Platinum Level = $600 – $1,000

Diamond Level = $1,001 – $2,000

Double Diamond Level = $2,001 & up