Teen’s Impression of Kenya

Garbage. It was the first thing a group of Reason 2 Smile volunteers noticed as they walked the crowded dirt roads leading to Jambo Jipya Academy and Children’s Home in Mtwapa, Kenya.

They would later describe the scene as “like a city, but unlike any we had ever seen” with “streets literally paved in garbage.”

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Permanent Physical Space

A Librarian’s Reason 2 Smile: A Visit to the Jambo Jipya Academy in Kenya

Back in early 2011, SLJTeen reported on this librarian’s dream to build a library at the Jambo Jipya Academy in Mwtapa, Kenya, with the assistance of the organization Reason2Smile. Reason2Smile Inc. (R2S) is a registered non-profit whose mission is to encourage individuals around the world to be in service to others. This is done by educating people locally and nationally on how they can positively impact others, and by providing funding to organizations in developing countries which provide education, food, clothing, and healthcare to orphaned and at-risk children.

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